Jump Cut

Harvard GSD Core I Studio| Critic: Andrew Holder | 3.5 weeks | Fall 2016

Jump Cut is an investigation into the merger of two circulation systems. The project is generated from two different section drawings, which are taken in this scheme as cutting through the two halves of the project space defined by enfilade sequences and single-loaded corridors. In reconciling this duality, potential conditions of transition spaces are studied and projected outward to define the apertures and spatial axes of the project.

The project is clad with angled fins of varying depths to blur the transitions between floor plates and accentuate the protruding apertures. They also facilitate the reading of the apertures as tubes that cut through the project.

In considering a potential urban context where this project sits, the aperture “tubes” are reimagined as elevated pathways through which to traverse the project off the ground level. Coupled with adjacent buildings with a similar condition, this creates an urban fabric where the orthogonally defined street grid is rotated as one goes indoors and up.